Improved MPS RG Sensor

01-Apr-2009 Moisture detection is at the of any Delta-Therm snow and ice melting system. If snow and ice can't be accurately identified by the sensor, the system won't perform as your customers expect it to.

This Winter, Delta-Therm's skilled engineering team redesigned the existing sensor for the MPS, Snow Melting or Roof & Gutter Deicing Control. Ultimately we changed the sensor shape from what looked like a microphone to what now resembles a disc, or hockey puck. The improved MPS control can now do its job even better.

"For optimal performance, moisture sensors should be placed in the area where you want the snow melted," explains Delta-Therm engineer Ed Witte. "The new disc shape sensor allows for this on roof & gutter applications and the MP sensor is still an available option for slab snow melting."

You can mount the RG sensor inside of the gutter under a heating cable drip loop. Protected from wind, which can interfere with its ability to detect snow, the disc shape offers a more reliable moisture sensor. 

The previous MMP sensor, or Mr. Microphone, (appropriately named by our engineers) was aerially mounted with the sensor face up and therefore it was more susceptible to wind interference, making it more difficult to activate the roof deicing cable.

The Mr. Microphone sensor was also challenged when presented with only a light dusting of snow, and it sometimes experienced igloo problems during heavy snow fall.

However, in certain applications, such as roofs without any gutters, the Mr. Microphone design will remain an option for your customers.

Standard components of the MPS Control are the MPS control panel, RG moisture sensor and thermistor, and VHB adhesive pad. The control panel monitors conditions at the sensor and activates when two conditions are met: (1) the ambient temperature at the thermistor is below 35°F, and (2) snow or moisture is present on the RG sensor. Once one of the previously mentioned conditions ceases, the system shuts off after a specified amount of time. For roof deicing systems the deicing cables shut off after 75 minutes, and for snow melting systems the cables shut off after 5 hours.

We're including a VHB Pad for the contractor to affix the RG sensor from moving or coming into contact with any deicing cable installed in the gutter.

"Trapping snow in windy, extreme cold is difficult," said Witte. "The new disc shaped sensor has the best success rate of the available sensors on the market, as is proven with the disc shaped GD sensor included with out DTC120-G Roof and Gutter Deicing System Control." The RG sensor is smaller in diameter than the GS sensor.

You can install one primary RG moisture/temperature sensor and one secondary RGS moisture sensor with the MPS.


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