Bring us your heat trace challenge and we’ll give you the best solution for your application.

Snow Melting • Roof De-Icing • Pipe Tracing • Permafrost Prevention • Floor Warming • Infrared Heaters

Delta-Therm is an American manufacturer of engineered heat tracing solutions.

We bring you simpler heat trace solutions.

Common sense rules here. Just because we can create an elaborate solution for you doesn’t mean that’s what you need. Our systems are practical, cost-effective, compliant and fully supported. That’s why people trust us not to lead them down the wrong path.

We’re here when you need us.

Besides having reps in your territory, you can call us when you have questions or problems, or when you have special inventory and shipping needs.

We work with you.

When you choose us to design and build a heat trace system, you get the whole team. Like family we may fight over the last piece of candy in the bowl, but we’re always here for each other - and you.

We work for you.

Our mission is to bring you the greatest possible value through inventive design, quality products, and professional service. When the results meet or exceed your expectations, we’ve done our job.

You can trust Delta-Therm


We’re lean, agile and responsive. Your reputation, and ours, depends on it.


With very few exceptions, quotes are turned around within 48 hours. Standard orders ship same or next day. Tech support is available before, during and after the installation.


Our solutions accommodate your budget as well as your job requirements.


Our system design and custom work is all done in-house. Give us a challenge that involves heat trace, and we’ll find a practical solution…like these:
  • Bridge Deck Snow Melting
  • Data Center Freeze Protection
  • Custom Control Panels
  • Grease Waste Control
  • Hangar-Door De-icing
  • Helideck Heating
  • Nuclear Power Temp Control
  • Outdoor Stadium Heating
  • Parking Ramp Snow Melt
  • Permafrost Prevention
  • PetroChem Pipe Tracing
  • Power Plant Backup
  • Process Temperature Control
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Roof, Gutter and Downspout De-Icing
  • Stair and Walkway Snow Melting
  • Tire Track Snow Melting
  • Wastewater Freeze Protection
  • Zoo Den Heating


We listen to you. Together we’ll meet your goals. We’ve grown through our alliances and are affiliated with:

We’re here to help.  We don’t answer to stockholders. We answer to you.

-Tom Slagis, President

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