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Floor Heating Cable for Installation with Strapping
Series DWF-R


The floor heating cable for installation with strapping provides comfort and well-being through radiant heating. By heating the floor itself instead of the surrounding air, it provides indirect heat that radiates from the floor up and is absorbed by surrounding objects. It produces enveloping heat that is also clean, cost-effective, uniform, and constant.

• Most economical installation method.
• Small, sturdy and flexible cable.
• Provided with 5 mm thick interlocking plastic strapping for quick, secure installation.
• Versatile: can be used as a backup or a main source of ambient heating.
• For use in rooms of any shape or size.
• 12W/sq. ft. (3” spacing) or 9W/sq. ft. (4” spacing).
• 25-year warranty on the heating cable.

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