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Interchangeable Element Electric Heater
Series ELX
When gas and ventilation are not available or practical, high-intensity Electric infrared heaters produce quiet, clean, even, energy-efficient heat in a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction.

SW2, MW2 and TW2 Series

These series have been replaced by the ELX Series Premier Interchangeable Element Electric Heaters.

ELX Series: Premier Interchangeable Element Electric Heaters

The ELX Series is a high wattage, commercial-grade electric heater offering. With interchangeable elements and various chassis options, you can configure the perfect heater for your space. A great choice for applications from outdoor patios to warehouses, the ELX Series can accommodate a wide variety of heating needs. Heaters are equipped with a specially designed reflector for optimal radiant heat output, and optional wall mounting brackets allow adjustment of the heating direction.Operational benefits include a highly efficient energy transfer, lower mounting heights, heat energy, light energy, and certification for both indoor or outdoor use.