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Permafrost Prevention

To prevent frost heave under industrial freezer units, Delta-Therm M.I. cable assemblies are UL Listed and CSA Certified for permafrost prevention.  They’re easy to install, and resist fire and degradation over time. All our thermostats are UL Listed and rated from NEMA 1 to NEMA 4X. Essential accessories are provided with each system. All Delta-Therm installation methods are NEC Code Compliant.

Post-installation wiring inspections will extend the warranty period of Delta-Therm M.I. cable to 10 years.
We have a lot more information on Cold Storage Frost Heave solutions.
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Permafrost Cable Assemblies

Delta-Therm M.I. Cable assemblies for Permafrost prevention reliably maintain the optimum temperature of the permafrost layer beneath freezer floors. They come ready to install with factory terminations and resistance testing. M.I. cables resist fire, corrosion and degradation over time, and are available with one or two conductors.
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Permafrost Thermostats

Delta-Therm offers electronic temperature and remote bulb controls, as well as ambient sensing thermostats for Permafrost prevention. All are UL Listed.  Product ratings range from NEMA 1 to NEMA 4X depending on the application.
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Permafrost Panels

GFPE Power Control Panels, available in NEMA 1*, 4 or 4X enclosures, meet or exceed safety codes for Permafrost Prevention.   Delta-Therm also offers Enclosed DT Contactor panels and UL Listed/ Control/Monitor/Alarm custom design panels.

*Recommended for economy, accessibility and convenience except where the environment demands greater protection from dust, weather and corrosion.
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Permafrost Accessories

To facilitate the installation, Delta-Therm offers Pre-punched Strapping weatherproof junction boxes, and Caution Labels.
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