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Pipe and Vessel Tracing

Delta-Therm Process Temperature Maintenance and Pipe Freeze Protection systems are at work across the country in all climates thanks to decades of proven success with critical applications including:·  
       Wastewater Treatment Temperature Control   
       Fat, Oil, and Grease Line Temperature Control        
       Data Center Cooling Tower Freeze Protection               
       Nuclear Power Temperature Control
       Power Plant Backup        
       Commercial Pipe Freeze Protection
       Industrial Process Temperature Control (i.e. PetroChem)

We will also design and engineer custom solutions for extreme temperatures and corrosive, hazardous or explosive atmospheres.  All systems are engineered and built on premises in Crystal Lake, IL., and all Delta-Therm installation methods are NEC Code Compliant.  
Using Heat to keep Data Centers cool... Curious?
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Pipe / Tank Trace Cable Assemblies

Braided Delta-Therm Pipe Tracing cables are available in Constant Wattage (CW) and Self-Regulating (SR) for high or ultra-high temperatures. Mineral Insulated (M.I.) factory-terminated assemblies are engineered for extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. Post-installation wiring inspections will extend the warranty period of Delta-Therm CO, IN, HT, PF, and PT pipe trace cables to 15 years.

NOTE: All HT, IN, and PT/PF Power Connection Kits (PCK-HT, PCK-IN, PCK-PF/PT) include a 3/4" aluminum standoff. PCK-TT and PCK-HLC include a standoff bracket, but no standoff.

CO and IN Series Self-Regulating cables can be factory pre-terminated to your specified lengths.  
Preassembled Constant Wattage Cables are also available. See data sheets below.
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Data Sheets
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Pipe Trace Thermostats

A variety of UL Listed temperature control devices with ratings from NEMA 1 through explosion-proof and weatherproof makes Delta-Therm pipe tracing efficient, practical and reliable even in hazardous locations.
Data Sheets
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Pipe Trace Controls

Delta-Therm’s self-contained, programmable controls and load switching capabilities are engineered for critical pipe tracing applications.
Data Sheets
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Pipe Trace Panels

GFPE Power Control Panels, available in NEMA 1*, 4 or 4X enclosures, meet or exceed safety codes for Pipe Tracing.   Delta-Therm also offers Enclosed DT Contactor panels and UL Listed/ Control/Monitor/Alarm custom design panels. Delta-Therm is a UL 508A Listed industrial panel manufacturer. All panels are built on premises.

* Recommended for economy, accessibility and convenience except where the environment demands greater protection from dust, weather and corrosion.
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Pipe Trace Accessories

For your convenience Delta-Therm offers all the pipe tracing accessories needed for a complete system install including junction boxes, tape, caution labels, and monitor lights. For details on pipe straps, aluminum stand-offs and strain-relief cord grip connectors, see Pipe Trace Components below.
Data Sheets
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