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Roof De-icing

Low maintenance Delta-Therm Roof De-Icing systems are engineered for specific roof types including sloped asphalt, standing seam metal, slate, cedar shake, terra cotta, flat rubber membrane, and PVC.  They prevent ice formation on roofs, gutters, downspouts and eaves by providing a safe drainage path for water.  Post-installation wiring inspections will extend the warranty period of Delta-Therm IN cable to 5 years, and M.I. cable to 10 years.  All M.I. cable assemblies are UL Listed and CSA Certified for Roof, Gutter and Downspout De-icing. All Delta-Therm installation methods are NEC Code Compliant.

Roof De-icing Cables

Delta-Therm offers one and two conductor Mineral Insulated (M.I.) and commercial/industrial Self-Regulating (SR) Cable solutions for roof de-icing. All roof cables are UL Listed and CSA Certified for roof, gutter and downspout de-icing.
CO and IN Series Self-Regulating cables can be factory pre-terminated to your specified lengths. See data sheet below.
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Ice Melt Panels

Delta-Therm Ice Melt Panels offer a less visible roof de-icing alternative. Made of aluminum and installed between the shingle and waterproof membrane, Ice Melt Panels contain Self-Regulating cables that effectively warm the roof edge to prevent ice dams.
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Roof De-Icing Controls (DTC-24R w/ sensor, MPS w/sensor, RID Remote Indicator)

Easy to set up, both the Delta-Therm DTC-24R (NEMA 4X) and MPS (NEMA 4) roof deicing controls detect snow and ice, and automatically activate the cable control panel. Choose the sensor based on the application. Both controls can be used with a remote indicator and activation timer (RID). The DTC120-G has been discontinued.
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Roof De-Icing Panels

GFPE Power Control Panels, available in NEMA 1*, 4 or 4X enclosures, meet or exceed safety codes for Roof De-icing. Delta-Therm also offers Enclosed DT Contactor panels and UL Listed/ Control/Monitor/Alarm custom design panels.

*Recommended for economy, accessibility and convenience except where the environment demands greater protection from dust, weather and corrosion.
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Roof De-Icing Accessories

To keep roof de-icing cable neatly in place around primary roof drains and scuppers, consider this lightweight Roof Drain System for flat membrane roofs.
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